Reviews and Quotes

Sammy Davis Jr.

"…Stepfanie is a beautiful and talented singer. I love her!"

Bob Hope

" Stepfanie is a versatile gal. She not only does great dramatic parts, but has a great set of pipes and a terrific comic sense. She's done it all on my specials and delighted everyone around her. How lucky we are that she came our way!"

Harry Belafonte

" I come from an era - a time - when to sit and listen to something sweet and pleasant was my biggest wish of the day. That wish is once again fulfilled with the engaging voice of Stepfanie Kramer. I could listen to her again and again."

Rocky Mountain News

"…Her soothing voice melts away your troubles."

Denver Post

"…a light and lively show that delights audiences of all ages!"

Stephen J. Cannell (Award winning producer/writer)

"…sings like an angel, acts like a master and has a sense of humor that will knock your socks off. They don't get any better than this!"

Brandon Tartikoff (Pres.of NBC, Chairman of Paramount Pictures)

"Stepfanie Kramer is the definition of a versatile performer. She can do it all - drama, comedy, variety! I'm glad she's on my team!"

Sharie Belafonte

"Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, she has a beautiful voice to go with it! She is a captivating presence on stage - a charismatic and wonderful performer."

Nina Blanchard

"Before I met Stepfanie, I'd seen her on screen and thought that she was one of the most singularly beautiful women I had ever seen - and I've seen a lot! In addition to her physical beauty, she has an incredible vitality which I learned was evident not only on screen but also in person."